Looking for a friendly, gracious and welcoming hostess during the EuroMUN at MECC Maastricht? Holland Hostess Service is a professional hostess agency for all of your congresses, exhibitions, meetings and (business) events.


500 delegates, 380 days of planning, 40 Junior staffers, 30+ nationalities, 11 years of experience, 7 secretariat members, 4 days, all this within a conference of academic excellence: The European Model United Nations. Over the past decade, EuroMUN has developed to be one of the most international and successful conferences in Europe. In the specific concern of this 2018 edition, there will be a focus on innovation. Many core elements that characterize EuroMUN and make much of its identity will be kept, although some innovation will be brought about. For the first time, EuroMUN will have a Spanish and French speaking committee, and a negotiation-based, consensus-building “Group of 20”. Academic excellence is a prominent aspect of the conference and will be mirrored in the choices of committees, topics, study guides, selection of chairs and delegates. 


Do you want to know more about our hostesses? Within our hostess agency we developed our expertise in the field of hospitality during exhibitions, congresses, meetings and business events. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information. Hostess agency Holland Hostess Service +31 20 581 307

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10th of may 09.00 - 18.00
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Professional and stylish hostesses who clearly enjoy their work. That is what hostess agency Holland Hostess Service delivers!


Hostess @ MECC Maastricht

Hostess agency Holland Hostess Service is a professional hostess agency for all of your congresses, exhibitions, meetings and (business) events. 


The selection prior to providing a quality hostess service is very important. Holland Hostess Service has the possibility to select hostesses on all features like linguistics and special skills. We will make a selection of the hostesses according to your requirements.




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