World Congress on Osteoarthritis


Looking for a friendly, gracious and welcoming hostess during the World Congress on Osteoarthritis 2016 at the Amsterdam RAI? Holland Hostess Service is a professional hostess agency for all of your congresses, exhibitions, meetings and (business) events.


In keeping with the multidisciplinary international membership of OARSI, this meeting will feature a worldwide selection of expert speakers presenting state-of-the-art information on a wide range of topics related to the biology, pathogenesis and treatment of joints as the relates to OA. This year’s program includes three scientific plenary session, 12 concurrent sessions and six breakfast workshops, as well as precongress workshops and lunchtime symposia.


Do you want to know more about our hostesses? Within our hostess agency we developed our expertise in the field of hospitality during exhibitions, congresses, meetings and business events.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. Hostess agency Holland Hostess Service +31 20 581 3077

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HollandHostessService@World Congress on Osteoarthritis

Holland Hostess Service presents professional and stylish hostesses. Our hostesses enjoy their work and will always deliver the best service.


Hostess @ Amsterdam RAI

Hostess agency Holland Hostess Service is a professional hostess agency for all of your congresses, exhibitions, meetings and (business) events. 


The selection prior to providing a quality hostess service is very important. Holland Hostess Service has the possibility to select hostesses on all features like linguistics and special skills. We will make a selection of the hostesses according to your requirements.


Amsterdam RAI
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+31(0) 20 549 12 12

Holland Hostess Service

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+31(0) 20 5813077


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