Hostesses at Codemotion were a great success


Codemotion is a startup about the ecosystem devoted to innovation, focused on developers and coding, open to all programming languages and technologies. Codemotion is providing a bunch of services and activities for personal and business customers.


Pioneering spirits, Codemotion scout the future to deliver a first class experiece to their people. Codemotion is one of the biggest tech-conferences in Europe, with an international network of 30.000 developers and 350 speakers coming from all over the world and from the most important IT realities. On the 16th and 17th of May Codemotion went to Amsterdam and attrackted over the 5.000 attendees.

Codemotion draw in their main conferences thousands of attendees eager to discuss about hot topics: they tailor for them disruptive proposals ranging from mobile to UX, devops, clous, big data, gamedev, security, methods, languages, web and  internet of things.


Codemotion was held in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. Kromhouthal is vestigated in the upcoming part of Amsterdam, the North side. Kromhouthal is a sturdy looking venue with cranes and steel structures. This makes The Kromhouthal an unique multifunctional venue for corporate, commercial and cultural events.


Holland Hostess Service supported Codemotion with 20 hosts and hostesses. They had to welcome the guests, check them in, lead them to the halls and give the guests the information they needed. The client was very pleased about the hosts and hostesses. 

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Locatie:Kromhouthal Gedempt Hamerkanaal, Amsterdam, NL

Categorie: Congres
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The feedback of the client: ‘‘At first we would like to thank you for the pleased cooperation. We were very happy with the hosts and hostesses. They did a really great job’’.


Hostess @ Kromhouthal

Hostess agency Holland Hostess Service is a professional hostess agency for all of your congresses, exhibitions, meetings and (business) events. 


The selection prior to providing a quality hostess service is very important. Holland Hostess Service has the possibility to select hostesses on all features like linguistics and special skills. We will make a selection of the hostesses according to your requirements.


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